The Organic Adventures of Tucker the Tomato

By Rey Ortega and Amanda Moeckel

Sun King Publishing, 2003


Rey Ortega has been baking cookies for more than ten years, but his latest creation has not emerged from the oven. Together with artist Amanda Moeckel, he has produced The Organic Adventures of Tucker the Tomato, a tale that would please any natural food fan.
Written for very young children, this picture book combines Moeckel's creative artwork with a simple story of a tomato that falls off an organic tomato truck and finally wends its way to a natural foods market. In the process Tucker realizes how different he is from those conventionally grown tomatoes covered with pesticicide residue. He also encounters a number of creatures and experiences obstacles before reaching his final destination in this 32-page adventure.
The book concludes with a clever maze that depicts the obstacles and asks the young reader to "Help Tucker the Tomato find his way to the natural food store!" As an added bonus the last page asks the reader to draw Tucker and his friends in the space provided.
Tucker the Tomato even has his own website at where he personally welcomes young readers.
Rey Ortega is a natural food exponent who owns Sun Flour Baking Company that produces vegan cookies and snacks with no hydrogenated oils, dairy, eggs, or refined sugar. His co-creator, Amanda Moeckel, graduated Magna Cum Laude from American University with a BA in Studio Art. Her artwork has won numerous awards.
Parents who are vegetarian and/or are interested in introducing their children to organic, natural foods will find The Organic Adventures of Tucker the Tomato an ideal book for a read-aloud session. Tucker's facial expressions are worth the price of the book. The illustrations throughout are priceless.