St. Cloud Times Online Edition
By Liz Kohman Times Columnist
Chocolate Companies Cater to Vegan Valentines
When Lauren Farnsworth went vegan, she thought it would mean giving up a popular dessert.
"I went vegan thinking I wouldn't be able to eat chocolate," said Farnsworth, a vegan for almost six years.
But Farnsworth, an office manager at Sun Flour Baking Company in Sacramento, Calif., soon learned that following a vegan diet -- which involves not eating animal products including, milk, eggs and honey -- allowed plenty of room for chocolate.
Finding chocolate, cookies, cakes and other treats made without eggs or dairy is getting easier with the proliferation of companies catering to vegans. Which means buying a Valentine's Day treat for your favorite vegan won't be impossible. Even if you don't live near a store that carries vegan products, many companies offer mail-order sales through their Web sites.
Sun Flour Baking Company, which opened in 1998, specializes in cookies, bars and doughnuts - they even offer Valentine's Day gift baskets. The company sells to health food stores and coffee shops and is a supplier for Continental Airlines.